Cyber Secrets by Colin Mcleod (MP4 Video Download)

Cyber Secrets by Colin Mcleod (MP4 Video Download)

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Colin Mcleod - Cyber Secrets

In my brand new download I’m sharing with you in detail, the exact techniques and strategies I use to create miracles in the homes of random spectators, during my online shows.
You will learn:

Virtually Impossible: My card to impossible location, where a randomly chosen card vanishes from a spectator’s deck and reappears in their home.

Digital Card At Any Number: One spectator has their deck of cards, one consciously names any number and one subconsciously chooses a card. The spectator with the cards deals down to that exact location and in that spot is the exact card.

Transparent Poker: After having a spectator deal two hands of poker in their own home with their own deck, you are not only able to deduce which cards are in their hand, you show that you predicted with 100% accuracy which five cards they would deal to you.
Whilst this download will teach my routines in detail, the real secrets here are the approaches and methods which you’ll be able to apply to your current material to make it even stronger.
Whilst I’m teaching these principles with playing cards, you’ll quickly understand they can be applied in a multitude of different ways.
I’m confident that this attitude of thinking will allow you to create and define miracles within your own show that will be totally original to you.