Circle of Life by Justin Miller

Circle of Life by Justin Miller

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Circle of Life by Justin Miller

The power of close up magic is in the presenting of extraordinary behaviours of ordinary objects - things people know and use everyday. Playing cards, coins, pens, a dollar bill etc. The more common the object and the more bizarre the behaviour - the more magical the effect.

Which is where the power of Circle of Life lies. Because what’s more common then pocket change… and a magician with an unused condom? The potential for humor in this unexpected effect is clear, and the magic catches people off-guard, creating a perfect moment of wonder.

A quarter is borrowed and both sides signed by a spectator. The performer removes a sealed condom package out of his wallet, and with a tap of the ‘condom wand’ - the quarter disappears. Unfazed, the performer s-l-o-w-l-y opens the condom wrapper - to reveal the signed quarter, trapped inside the condom.

Taken from the stellar ‘Bold Volume 3’, Justin Miller’s ‘Circle of Life’ is as impromptu and organic an effect as it’s possible to create - no setup, no gimmicks - if you’ve got a sharpie and a condom - you’re ready to go.

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