Carl Royle - Framed (Video Download)

Carl Royle - Framed (Video Download)

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Framed By Carl Royle

(Instant Download) An amazing way to frame your magic routines

Framed - By Carl Royle

High Quality MP4 video download now

Framed is an organic way to read your spectators thoughts

Using just a small stack of business cards, an elastic band and a pen you can perform the perfect effect to start and finish your close up set.

Read your spectators body language as you perform your other favourite routines ensuring the strongest possible end to your performance.

Ideal for Magicians or Mentalists

Included :

3 Routines and The Master Move

A 23 minute HD coaching video with full live performance and ideas

The Business Of Mind Reading (from the lecture How I Feed My Children), Yes and No Framed 10-20-30.

Inspired by ideas from Joel Dickinson, Andrew Gerrard, Max Maven, Matt Johnson and Phil Smith.

increase the strength of your magic performance by using the ideas in Framed. The perfect way to start and finish your set.

If you get nervous approaching groups of people Framed will help you structure your act and give you more confidence so you can concentrate on performing your magic in the best way you can

Framed by Carl Royle - Download Today