Card Ninja (Card Throwing Course) by Javier Jarquin (MP4 Video Download)

Card Ninja (Card Throwing Course) by Javier Jarquin (MP4 Video Download)

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Javier Jarquin - Card Ninja
This is an unusual, unbelievable collection for Vanishing Inc. Magic. As connoisseurs of all things playing card, we were frankly astounded with the talent of Javier Jarquin, and his card-throwing tutorial. You'll see crisp, cinematic footage of Javier throwing cards with the most unbelievable precision, hitting cans from across a warehouse, or hitting the camera from across a room. His speed and accuracy is insane. Best of all, he teaches all the real work and all his original additions.
There have been a couple other card-throwing tutorials, but nothing approaches "The Card Ninja" in terms of clarity of teaching, and project quality. This is true excellence, and the absolute best resource to learn how to throw cards. At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we like to be part of ANY project when it's the "best-in-class." It's priced affordably, and covers five basic throws:
Basic throw
Off Hand Throw
Scissor Throw
Under Shot
Long distance spinner
Running Time: 13 mins 26 secs