Boxed & Loaded by Erik Tait (MP4 Video Download)

Boxed & Loaded by Erik Tait (MP4 Video Download)

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Erik Tait - Boxed and Loaded

"I LOVE this! Simple and deceptive technique with countless possibilities. The Mentalism applications are killer. The triple coincidence effect can even be played as perception altering Mentalism - it’s absolutely going to become part of my repertoire." - Alexander Marsh

"Direct and incredibly mind-trippy. Exactly the kind of magic I love." -Michael Feldman

Steal, switch, vanish, and more with a secret that Erik Tait uses to devastated his audiences. In this project, you not only learn an effect direct from his working repertoire, but you’ll learn a utility move that Erik relies on to get miles ahead of his audience. The best part? There are no gimmicks, and this can be done with a borrowed deck. This is Boxed and Loaded by Erik Tait.

Here’s what happens:

Here’s what happens. You start by openly placing a mystery card inside the card box and placing it on the table for everyone to see. Two spectators each select and memorize cards which are then lost in the deck. The spectators then look into each other’s eyes and on the count of three, they name their selected card at the exact same time. Impossibly the cards they picked are the same cards, which is made even more impossible when you reveal the card placed in the box at the very beginning was the card they each selected. Impossibly this effect uses no forces or duplicate cards. Everything can be examined.

You will not only learn the Triple Coincidence effect that Erik uses at every one of his walk-around gigs, but alternate effects using the core technique of Boxed and Loaded that you can use for transpositions, vanishes, and so much more. You’ll even learn how to adapt the technique so that a mentalist can use it for an extremely deceptive business card peek. Erik teaches both beginner and advanced techniques that you will be able to add to your existing routines. Grab your cards and get Boxed and Loaded by Erik Tait.