BMagic Live by Ben Ludmer

BMagic Live by Ben Ludmer

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BMagic Live by Ben Ludmer (Portuguese Language Only)

Ben Ludmer is a Brazilian magician, actor, and comedian since 1988. His shows feature intelligent humor, audience interaction, and breaking the myth that magic must happen away from the audience. 

In this BMagic Live video, you will see amazingly incredible effects with the following concepts: 

- The creation of magic pieces with humor 
- The creative process of magic and comedy 
- Improvisation 
- Timing 
- Magical comedian or comedian who does magic? 

In this video, you will learn: 
- Rope cut and restored 
- Cyclic routine with foam balls 
- Routine with "lighter pad" 
- Selfie with invisible deck 
- And much more... 

Watch this out-of-the-box thinker and be prepared to learn vital dimensions of magic! 

Duration: 85 minutes