Bish Bash Bosh by Magic Dave (Dave Allen)

Bish Bash Bosh by Magic Dave (Dave Allen)

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Children's magic Bish Bash Bosh by
Magic Dave (Dave Allen)
Britain's most popular children's and family a magician magic show, share with you his favorite processes, ideas, and some Suggestions about acting.
The Effect
Magic Dave is one of the UK 's most demanded the children' s and family entertainers. This DVD will show you some of his favorite routines, ideas, and advice and explain the workings of them and according to they work so well.

Learn and be inspired!Others have already learnt from magic Dave 's professional approach to the children' s entertainment and have grown their business to the highest level.

Enjoy Bish Bash Bosh!

Contents include:
Off The Meter
Silent Puppet Routine
Misers Dream
Mutilated Brolly
Magic Marksman
Nest of Wands
Top Trump Card Tear
Merry Switch Can Vent Routine
Magic Carpet
Final Thoughts
The Duck Act
Running TimeApproximately 23 min 1 hr