Bets by Jean-Pierre Vallarino (MP4 Video Download 720p High Quality)

Bets by Jean-Pierre Vallarino (MP4 Video Download 720p High Quality)

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Jean Pierre Vallarino - Bets

You place some bills/bank notes on the table and offer the spectator a challenge using HIS Deck and YOUR money. The spectator is then free to mix, shuffle and cut his cards as many times as he wants.
The Challenge is very simple: If he cuts to your lucky card (which is mathematically highly unlikely), you win the bet and keep your money. If he does not cut to your lucky card, he wins the bet and takes the money. This means he has 51 chances to win and you only have one... However, you never lose!!!
You announce your lucky card (For example: the Queen of Spades). This is done while the spectator is shuffling and cutting his own Deck. The spectator now officially cuts the Deck for this bet, and the chosen card is set aside. When the card is turned over, it is YOUR lucky card! Impossible!
Can be used as a prediction
Multiple presentations possible
Very easy to perform
No Sleight of Hand
Cards are cut and shuffled by the spectator
Cards are borrowed
Can be repeated numerous times