Asmadi - Magnetic (MP4 Video Download)

Asmadi - Magnetic (MP4 Video Download)

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Magnetic by Asmadi (Instant Download)

Close Up Magic and Fully Examinable

You show a deck of cards for the audience to choose freely (no force) and then
the selected cards can be visually sticky to a pen or pencil.

As well as cards, you can borrow bills from the spectators and at the end of the
show you can give pencils/pens and bills to the spectators to do so. Well ... of
course the spectator won't be able to do it, because it's MAGNETIC MAGIC !

If the spectator thinks it's magnetic, then it may stick iron or the like on a pen
or pencil but that won't work. This is a very killer effect because before and after the show can be directly checked by the audience without having to distract them.

- Can be checked before and after the show
- Everything Examinable
- Very easy to do
- Easy to make
- Explained for 9 minutes

Buy now and create miracles !