Artistic Knife by TCC (MP4 Video Download)

Artistic Knife by TCC (MP4 Video Download)

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The Color-changing knives have become one of the most classic and popular magic effects in the world.
There are many driving forces to the popularity of the Color-changing knives. Among the biggest contributor is: The core technique used in the Color-changing knives is the Paddle Move.
As one of the greatest techniques in the magic-verse, the Paddle Move perfectly embodies the meaning of ‘the large movements cover the small movements’. The props utilizing the Paddle Move over the years are very varied. Although the form has changed, its essence remained the same.
Back to the Color-changing knives. The basic effect in itself is already quite amazing:
An exquisite pocket knife changes from one color to another, and can be changed back again. If you like, you can repeat the effect.
It can also be a game played between two people. You take out a blue knife and hand it to the audience to hold in their hand. You hold the white one and the audience holds the blue one. With a magical gesture, the knife in the audience's hand changes places with yours.
Magicians are in pursuit of magic that is simple, practical, compact, and can easily to narrow the gap between themselves and the audience.