Al Mann - Dhu Pit

Al Mann - Dhu Pit

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Al Mann – Dhu Pit

Effect: Show TWO envelopes truely sealed. They can have wax seals if you wish. There are NO SLITS or windows in the envelopes. Yet anything named by the audience appears written on a prediction inside the envelope. NO CARBONS OR IMPRESSION DEVICES ARE USED All Material is left with the audience. The envelopes are NOT switched and remain in sight at all times. 4 Methods are given. Bonus: Includes the Secret of Heather Mead and reveals a new method for reading messages sealed in envelopes. Rare Bonus For JASON MICHAELS Fans: This book contains a section at the back with reproductions of the clippings from various newspapers when Csicop tried to expose Jason Michaels in 1987 to the national media. These clippings were giving to Al Mann by me for inclusion in this book. The clippings are seldom seen and this is the only Al Mann book that any reference to the Jason Michaels exposure appears in.