2017 The Stealth Case By Steve Cook

2017 The Stealth Case By Steve Cook

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That is beyond Brilliant! What a great idea!  Never seen this idea before. WOW! That’s the best peek I’ve seen in years! I WILL USE THIS!”  Graham Jolley

"OMG! Steve, that is so beautiful, really beautiful! Whoa! I want one! You’re a f*****g genius man!”  Luca Volpe

 "WOW! That is beyond genius Steve. That’s the best peek I’ve ever seen! WOW! Phenomenal! Gary Jones

" I rarely say this but this is going straight in to my act! The case itself is diabolical and the whole unit is very well made. It’s safe to say this device should last forever so this is a wonderful investment for anyone who wishes to fry their audience with a display of super strong mind reading.  The fact it also comes with some powerful routines that also make perfect sense is simply wonderful!” Steve Dela

Steve Cooks Stealth Case is the perfect peek device for the modern mind reader.

Totally innocent in appearance, flawless in execution.

The Stealth Case has been in the works for well over 12 months and the finished unit is simply stunning.

The Stealth Case Will Soon Become Your Favourite Mind Reading Weapon

This slick black, everyday looking card case holds an incredibly simple yet devastating secret that will allow you to acquire secret information with ease.  In fact the Stealth Case is so clever it does all the work for you!   

Imagine this…. Your spectator draws or writes anything on a business card, the card is placed within a stack of un-gimmicked business cards (this is a true stack of separate business cards not a block with a hole in etc.) 

Now with no funny moves the whole stack is placed in the Stealth Case, Your spectator sees you reach in and remove the top card from the stack.  The Stealth Case is closed and given to your spectator to hold while you begin read their mind with 100% accuracy!

You will not believe how cool the Stealth Case is.  The Stealth Case is perfect for almost any performing situation and the whole process makes perfect sense!

Points To Remember

  1. 1.    Your Spectator May Write Or Draw Anything They Wish, Taking Up As Much Or Little Of The Card Surface As They Like
  2. 2.     Their Card Is Really Put Inside A Stack Of Business Cards (Which may be examined)
  3. 3.     The Whole Stack Is Now Locked Into a Solid Plastic Case (No privacy film used, you really cannot see through the box. It’s solid and maybe show on both sides!)
  4. 4.     Once The Effect Is Over your spectator  Can Remove Their Card From The Center Of The Stack (It has not moved from where It was placed)

Steve Cook’s Stealth Case comes complete and ready to go, including all the props, a full tutorial DVD featuring routines and handlings by Peter Nardi and Dave Loosley and you also receive a registration code which will grant you access to bonus routines and handlings for this awesome gimmick totally FREE OF CHARGE!

The Stealth Case is something you will not leave home without. It truly is a masterpiece in Mentalism!